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  • Protect Your Nest Egg

    Protecting your home’s value is always a top priority, and the Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction is an important part of making homeownership a good investment. A resolution is pending in the House of Representatives to keep the deduction in its current form. Americans overwhelmingly oppose any action by Congress to scale back or ...
    Posted to Adrian Valdes - (Weblog) by 713367 on October 4, 2012
  • How to avoid a ticket when a Pembroke Pines Police Stops you

    Pembroke Pines Police officers are not out to make your life miserable, but to make sure you're following the rules of the city and not endangering yourself or any Pembroke Pines Citizen.Pembroke Pines Police officers aren't mandated to write tickets. Most would rather send you on your way with a friendly warning.  If you want to save ...
    Posted to Adrian Valdes - (Weblog) by 713367 on September 20, 2010
  • Red-light cameras in Pembroke Pines

    The red-light camera program in Pembroke Pines has been controversial from the beginning, but now that Governor Crist decided to allow them, the city is shifting into high gear with this program.  The state law was approved on April 27 and it will go into effect on July 1st. if the governor signs it.  The cameras are meant to enforce ...
    Posted to Adrian Valdes - (Weblog) by 686619 on May 27, 2010