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Foreclosure Advise


Our Mission Statement

"To educate homeowners on the foreclosure process and the options available to them. We believe that if you don't know your rights, you can't know your options"
"We specialize in helping you keep your home"


Too far behind on payments that you can't catch up? Are you in the preliminary stages of foreclosure? Does your house need repairs before it could be ready to sell in the open market?  Relocating and don't have the time to wait for a traditional sale?  Are you getting a divorce and want to get the equity on your home quick and easy?  Do you need to refinance? 
These problems can happen to anyone!

Following are the most common options for people facing foreclosure. Depending on your situation, all  of these options may, or may not be available to you. Everyone's individual situation is different. Call me today for a personal consultation to discuss your specific situation.
1. Reinstate the loan until you can refinance
2. Loan modification and assignment of contract
3. Mortgage refinancing
4. Bankruptcy don't be fooled this is not always the best option
5. Sale of the property, AS/IS and as fast as 72 hours
6. Do nothing and potentially lose everything

Our company buys homes from people in situations just like the ones mentioned above.  In almost any area and any price range. We pay cash for properties and buy the homes AS/IS. Property Solutions will handle all the paperwork and make all the arrangements.

Although I am a Realtor who primarily makes a living putting traditional real estate deals together, I realize that there are situations and circumstances that may sometimes prevent you from selling your home in the traditional manner.  When these situations present themselves, I become a Real Estate Investor. 
As an Investor I have the resources both financial and man power to make your problems disappear quickly and with minimal stress on your part. 

Stop Foreclosure FAST!
We have programs to help stop foreclosure regardless of your situation.
With the right help, virtually any foreclosure situation can be successfully resolved. We have helped many  homeowners stop foreclosure and we can help you too.
When facing foreclosure Time is of the Essence.  You MUST act fast to protect your rights.
Many people needing help with stopping foreclosure simply do nothing and hope for a miracle. Don't fall into that trap!  Contact us for immediate help.
Our company is a solution provider for individuals in foreclosure. Our staff has experience in assisting homeowners in foreclosure. We have helped many clients solve their foreclosure dilemmas, and can assist you in your current situation.
Our company has an immense understanding of the foreclosure laws and ways to stop a foreclosure. Most foreclosure mediation companies don’t understand that several different plans even exist. In fact, most foreclosure prevention companies only know of one option, and if that doesn’t work, it is often too late to try another approach.
Our Foreclosure Assistance program can assist anyone. Our services benefit both the mortgage company and the homeowner by providing faster and more effective mediation services.
Many foreclosure scams exist and people often lose their homes because of them. Homeowners must be very wary of who to trust with their home.
Our company is committed to providing excellent service for all your needs. We believe that everybody deserves a second chance at financial freedom. So please feel free to give us a call today, and find out how Property Solutions can help you.
Foreclosure solution programs are a product of Property Solutions of South Florida, with offices in Miami.  
Our corporate office is located in Union City, New Jersey. 

 Please use the following link to help you find updated foreclosure listings:

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